Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm alwlays catching up!

A few quick highlights..

This summer with cousins.
This is how Luke prays.
LOVE this picture.
Grandma's pioneer day.
NH fun.
First day of first grade.

First day of kindergarten.
Kate celebrates her birthday at school.

First day of preschool.

The girl has lost two more.. I don't know how she eats.

My girly Elle tucks everything in! This was her first season and she always gave it her best.

A rare, all 4 kids in picture, moment.

This girl is a beast. She steals the ball, takes it up the field and scores, over and over again.
So hopefully you feel a bit caught up.. Plus we found out our little ones are girls. My girls were so excited when we found out that they couldn't sleep that night. Elle has claimed baby A and Kate has claimed baby B. And luckily when Gray found out he told me that now he won't hit them. I guess it works out for everyone.


Melissa said...

I'm so excited you're having girls and Gray's comment is priceless! I love that Elle tucks everything in--hilarious. And I can't believe how much Lucas looks like Nik, to me anyway. Hope you're feeling well!

Emma and Dan said...

Hooray for updates! Twin girls! It's so perfect how you've had your kids in pairs. You must be so glad that you planned it that way. haha

It was great to see some new pictures of all the kids. They look very happy. I hope that you (and Nik) are doing awesome as well.

Jenny said...

So fun! 2 girls. Loved seeing how much the kids have grown. Hope you are doing well. How is that belly of yours?? Sending lots of love and energy your way! Take Care

Marla and Clayt said...

Love these pics. Thanks for posting them. The kids look great...and I agree with Melissa - Luke definitely looks like his dad!

Autumn KIMBALL said...

I WANT AN UPDATE ABOUT THE BABIES!!! Please... Hope all is good.
Sending love Autumn